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“Quality backed by values will pay”, we believe that each penny spent by customers should be worth it. Today, Somnath Agarbatti is only a domestic but global enterprise.

Company has adapted seal pack packaging to preserve the goodness. Providing the best quality is the main motive. Knowing the current product demand, we maintain the proper quality standards, aroma, and all the amenities in the product preparation. All our products are examined with the great care by our quality check department, which keeps the constant watch on the packaging and the products passing through the process.

Company offering more than 50+ fragrance in woody, fruity, floral, oriental, fancy and many more. along with 150+ SKUs.

The knowledge about consumer’s psychology has helped us in understanding the market requirement. People from the all the age group enjoy the usage of our product every time they use.

  • • Establishing the importance of cost effectiveness.
  • • Maintaining the Research and Development along with the Quality Management System.
  • • Continuous learning and developing new products and processes.